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Access to Firearms

Tragedy never makes an appointment. Make sure your firearms are hidden, safe, and easily accessible. Be safe when storing firearms and be prepared to meet force with force to protect your family and property.

Access to Cash

In these troubled economic times rest assured that you have cash that is hidden in plain sight. Don’t be a victim of a bad economy or a bank run that can leave you and your family without cash at a critical time.

Access to Jewelry

Keep your jewelry hidden while making it easier to access your jewelry on your own terms. Access to your jewelry immediately, eliminating lengthy trips to your safety deposit box.

How it Works: Hidden Storage with Secret Lock and Key

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About Covert Cabinetry

Covert Cabinetry is a brand of Herzig Custom Cabinetry, LLC a BBB acredited company. A company born out of the necessity of uncertain times. Our founder is an Army Special Operations veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer turned cabinetry craftsman. Dedicated to helping the client achieve the same level of confident safe keeping of firearms, jewelry, and cash as he does in his own home.


Discretion is assured, from initial consult to final installation. Covert Cabinetry will never use electronic information gathering from contracts to invoices. All documentation is done by hand written methods. WE NEVER SHARE YOUR INFORMATION.

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